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I've known the Shaffers for several years now, I've had the honor of working with them and experiencing the true love and knowledge they have for animals. I have watched dogs come in for long term/ short term training and within the 1st few days I could see the amount of difference in those dogs behavior from the first day they came in. It truly is amazing watching the transformation. Let's not get into her own personal dogs now those dogs are superstars. You will get nothing but top notch service from the shaffers and I know that for a fact first hand. Peggy and I miss you guys and can't wait to visit The Wagmoor @ D.O.G. World. 

Christinalyn Swick

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


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Giving a Hand

When I think about our dear friend Lolita, I think of St. Francis, the patron saint of Animals and the environment, because of her love and care for Animals! She has spent most of her life nurturing animals of all types. She is an extended member of our family, since she helped bring our two Goldens into the world. She took the time to get to know us, listen to us and learn about needs and desires when it came to expanding our family. She picked both of our dogs over a five years period and we could not be happier with them both! The dogs she breeds are truly, the best. I know that because we get non-stop complements about them. Lolita also trained them both. She spent time and care teaching them to have great manners and be great companions and friends to us! She also trained us, lol, to be good parents. We learned so much about how dogs think, how they treat each other and how best to interact with them. One thing I will always remember is when she said; "dogs fit into your life, you don't fit into theirs". This took us from being a rodeo rider, trying to keep up with the pack, to being a ringmaster and controlling (most of the time) where the action was going! Her new DREAM facility is just that, a dream she created. And, even though it is her dream, it is our dream too. It is like she created it for us and our pups! Lolita will always be our life and if you are lucky enough to get one of her pups or board with her, you will be lucky too!!

Brandon Marion
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